Tears Of The Dragon

Welcome to Tears of the Dragon!

This story starts on Monday, and will run for 3 years of Monday/Wednesday updates. Eventually, it will be collected into 12 single issues (and 4 Trade Paperbacks) in POD form.

Pretty much the same as Godslayer, really. Except for where it isn’t. The last three years making Godslayer has taught me two things:

  1. I don’t necessarily mind shipping Locus stuff, just not 12″x18″ hand-made cardboard packages needed to ship original artwork. That part is a serious pain in the ass. Both on the shipping and receiving ends. And the less said about shipping these internationally, the better.
  1. I have a burning desire to put more Locus comics into the world. Not Locus sketch cards, or prints or coffee mugs or whatever. COMIC BOOKS. Locus Comic Books. The World needs more of ’em.

Now that’s not to say that I won’t be picking up the Locus merch for the next three years. Hell, I might even have a coffee mug for sale. I’ve got to make a Silk coffee mug for me anyway, right? Right!

Anyway, the subscription levels are divided into two categories: Digital and Print. If you’d like to pay your subscription all at once, up front, there’s a “Pay Up-Front” button right next to the regular button!

Digital Levels

Tears of the Dragon Basic Digital Subscription: $4.99/month

This is access to the webcomic, the comment section and all the digital art perks I’ll be adding as the story progresses, including (but not limited to):

  • access to all 12 issues of Locus: Godslayer
  • digital singles in CBZ/CBR/PDF/whatever format flicks your Zippo
  • Friday Hangout sketch (you get to vote for what gets drawn and you get to see it when it’s done)
  • wallpapers (phone, computer, tablet, ioT butter churn)
  • and so on

If you’re just here for the webcomics and the banter, this is your level! And welcome! Or welcome back!

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Tears of the Dragon Expert Digital Subscription: $9.99/month

This is the Hangout Level! All the above is included (of course), plus you get Hangout invites for the Friday and Sunday (my time) Hangouts. The Hangouts are restructuring a little bit, like so:

The Friday Hangout is the Friendly Hangout! No spoilers. I’ll be drawing (or inking or coloring) Locus-related art, but it won’t be Tears of the Dragon. I wanna do a book of Locus and Skariish’i art, and I’ll probably be working on that on Fridays. Probably be doing some Locus RPG art early on, too. Alternately, I wanna set up polls for subscribers (at all levels) to vote for what gets worked on during these hangouts. I’ll mix it up a bit, as usual.

Furthermore: it’s entirely possible that I’ll be streaming this hangout on Twitch, and then putting it up on YouTube. I thought I’d try that for awhile and see how it works out.

The Sunday Hangout is unchanged from the Godslayer days. It’ll be private, unrecorded and full of spoilers and stuff like that.

And finally: I will also be sending you a Christmas present this December (2017), or whatever Christmas is close to when you sign up. If you want to know what it is, I’ll tell you privately. But it’s supposed to be a surprise.

(HINT: it’s comics)

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Those are the Digital Subscriber Levels! And digital’s good. I like digital. I wouldn’t be making these comics if digital didn’t make it so easy to put comics in front of readers.

However! I want More Locus Comics In The World. It’s my goal. To achieve this goal, I came up with two subscription levels that involve print comics.

Note that all print comics will be delivered according to this schedule:

Year Shipping Period TOD singles LG singles Locus singles TOD TPB LG TPB Locus TPB SNH
2017 Xmas 1-2 1-2 1-3 1 1
2018 June 3-4 3-4 4-6 2 2 1
Xmas 5-6 5-6 7-9 3 3 2
2019 June 7-8 7-8 10-12 1 4 4
Xmas 9-10 9-10 13-15 2 5
2020 June 11-12 11-12 16-18 3 6
Xmas 19-20 4 7
TOD: Tears of the Dragon (12 issues; 4 TPBs)
LG: Locus: Godslayer (12 issues; 4 TPBs)
Locus: first Locus series (20 issues; 7 TPBs)
SNH: Silk & Honey (2 small TPBs)
singles: are 24 pages long. Each single is an Issue or Chapter.
TPB: Trade Paperbacks are 78 pages long: they’re 3 issues under a new cover.
Note: The SNH TPBs are 56 pages each, not 78.

Print Levels

I want to say right off the bat that this is not a cost-effective way to collect Locus Comics in print form. The most cost-effective way to buy Locus comics in print is to buy them from The Locus Store.

(The shipping schedule above is also a handy indicator of when you can expect to see that particular book in the Locus Store)

The Print Levels are for those fans who want to support Tears of the Dragon at a higher level and who, consequently, wouldn’t mind getting some envelopes full of (signed) comics mailed to them every six months.

Why every six months? Because if I did this every single month (or even every single issue of Tears of the Dragon), it wouldn’t work. Shipping costs are a bitch, and I’m paying shipping charges twice on every book.

So this is more of a novelty subscription. But I think it’ll be fun! I’ll mail you comics in June and December, starting in December of 2017 and ending in June 2020. Each shipment will be a single envelope with one or more comics in it. So when I’m talking about envelopes below, those are what I mean.

(Note also that all the subscriptions listed below also receive all the digital perks listed above!)

Tears of the Dragon Basic Print Subscription: $14.99/month

This is the whole Tears of the Dragon story, collected in 12 single issues. Every envelope will have 2 comic books in it, although I might throw in some extra stuff, too. Page thumbnails, stickers, other stuff. You will get a total of six envelopes, from this Christmas to June of 2020.


Or you can choose Trade Paperbacks instead of single issues. These TPBs have 3 chapters/issues each, so they’re 78 pages each.

However, the first TPB of Tears of the Dragon won’t be available until June of 2019, so I’ll send you Locus: Godslayer TPBs until then. If you choose this option, you will get EIGHT TRADE PAPERBACKS:

  • All 4 Locus: Godslayer
  • All 4 Tears of the Dragon

You also get a bonus shipping period: your last TOD TPB will be mailed to you around Christmas of 2020. One TPB per envelope, except in June 2019, when you get two: LG #4 and TOD #1.

Note that this subscription level is:

either: 12 single issues of TOD (column C)

or: 4 Godslayer TPBs and 4 TOD TPBs. (columns E and F)

Some people like collecting singles; others like TPBs. That’s the only reason this one’s as complicated as it is. 🙂

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Tears of the Dragon Total Print Subscription: $19.99/month

This is the “All TOD” level. You get Tears of the Dragon in two formats: singles and TPBs.

Seven envelopes and SIXTEEN books! Two singles per envelope for the first six; TPBs will be added in the last 4. See Columns C and E for exact shipping schedule.

Click Here To Subscribe At This LevelClick Here To Pay Up-Front At This Level

So there you go! Two digital levels and two print comic levels for those fans who told me the $10/month level wasn’t enough. 🙂

Lastly, I threw in two Extravagant Mega Levels. These are the “No One Is Gonna Pick That” options. Enjoy!

1. The Library ($29.99/month)

The World Needs More Locus Comics In It. That’s the rule. As such, I wanna help you finish your collection. I will send you seven envelopes between Christmas 2017 and Christmas 2020. Four of these will have two Trade Paperbacks in them; three will have three TPBs.

By the time Christmas 2020 rolls around, you will have a lovely library of SEVENTEEN Trade Paperbacks that contain every single Locus-related panel I’ve ever drawn, from Locus #1 to TOD #12.

You will receive all TPBs listed in Columns E, F, H, and I on that shipping table up there.

I will also give you super easy instructions for how to read the whole shebang in chronological order! It’s lots of fun and easy to do with print comics, especially the TPBs.

Click Here To Subscribe At This LevelClick Here To Pay Up-Front At This Level

2. The Chroniclers’ Clan Library ($49.99/month)

This is the BIG ONE. The ULTIMATE COLLECTION! So ultimate I had to use all caps. Seriously, it’s EVERYTHING. By the time Christmas 2020 rolls around, you will have every single Locus comic in both single and TPB format (if it’s available in both formats, which SNH is not!)

You’re gonna get 7 envelopes every six months like the people up above, but you’re gonna get NINE books per envelope, except for the last envelope, which will have 7 books in it. One envelope towards the mid-point of TOD will have 10 books in it.


  • 5 envelopes with 9 books,
  • 1 with 10 books,
  • and the last one will have 7 books.

It’s a lot of books! Here’s the full list:

Singles (24 pages each):

  • Locus — 20 issues
  • Locus: Godslayer — 12 issues
  • Tears of the Dragon — 12 issues

Trade Paperbacks (small: 56 pages each):
  • Silk & Honey — 2 books

Trade Paperbacks (large: 78 pages each):
  • Locus: — 7 books
  • Locus: Godslayer — 4 books
  • Tears of the Dragon — 4 books

  • 44 single issues
  • 17 Trade Paperbacks.

Like I said: A LOT Of Books! Literally ALL OF THEM. Signed by me, mailed to you twice a year (including Christmas!). Please see Columns C, D, E, F, G, H, and I in the Shipping Table above.

Click Here To Subscribe At This LevelClick Here To Pay Up-Front At This Level

So there you go! If you have any questions about these levels, please email me!

And remember: if you wanna just get the digital subscription and buy your own print comics through the store at your own pace, great! That also puts more Locus comics into the world, which is good. I’ll be updating the store with the new POD comics as they get made, so bookmark that page!

Finally: please note that original art and prints are still for sale, despite all the unkind things I said about shipping them. 🙂


Note to Locus:Godslayer subscribers!

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